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Grimoire Weiss Buy ((EXCLUSIVE))

At age 19, Weiss entered a top-secret Hamelin experiment to obtain a honorable discharge from the organization's forces, alongside the other survivor of the battle with Red Eye. In the experiment, thirteen Hamelin soldiers were made to kill each other to be absorbed into magical grimoires; Weiss was absorbed into a white book, while the girl was absorbed into a deep-crimson book and became Grimoire Rubrum.

grimoire weiss buy

(To unravel the mystery of this most beloved treasure, one must experience the tragedy that poisoned the once-noble Aerie through the eyes of a mysterious girl and her slumbering grimoire. Half of the fic takes place during the five year timeskip, the other half takes place long before the events of the game.) 041b061a72


Gruba hoş geldiniz! Diğer üyelerle bağlantı kurabilir, günce...


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