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[S2E8] The Dark Age

And then it came back this week, with one of its strongest episodes ever. Certainly the strongest of the season; maybe the strongest of the series? Particularly in the opening few minutes, you see what this show should be: the weird, pointy, highly-stylized dark workplace comedy-drama that we could have had this whole time. People sleeping on the couch because of their crazy hours? Cory psyching himself up in his luxe digs to a cover of "Sixteen Tons"? It works.

[S2E8] The Dark Age

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Alex wants to tell Mitch's family in person, so instead of heading directly to UBA, they head to Mitch's house. But on the way there, Alex hears Chip's candid (and accurate) message from earlier in the day. Their reconciliation quickly sours as Alex gets angry at him for, I guess, interfering with her feelings by having his own feelings, and Chip unloads on her again about "flying off to Italy to rendezvous with a vicious sexual predator while in the middle of a burgeoning pandemic," which is a good reminder that Chip should really be making Alex stick her head out the car window this whole time. This is a (very) darkly (very) funny scene, with these people just mercilessly ripping into each other and Alex revealing that (and if this isn't the most Alex thing ever!) she chalks all of Chip's anger at her up to jealousy because she never wanted to have sex with him. She is the worst!

This frenetic, darkly funny, well-controlled tone has been missing from most of this messy, unconvincingly moralistic "oh no, cancel culture" season, and it's not an accident that the show thrived much more when Mitch was gone, Alex was mostly gone, Bradley was a secondary character, and the issue at hand was a news story.

Jane and Cho drive over to Clovervill to get the body and any evidence, but when they get there, the coroner checks the freezer, and the body is gone. He checks the log, and sees that someone named "Agent Rojo" took the body and evidence on behalf of the CBI at 2:15 AM be the night before, before the murders. When asked for a description, the coroner says it was a woman with dark hair, olive skin, kinda dumpy, and clicking heels. It's Rebecca, the secretary. Cut to the hospital where she's carrying balloons to Bosco's room, and takes out a silenced pistol to finish the job. But Van Pelt and Lisbon stop her. At the same time, Bosco wakes up.

Rebecca is taken back to the CBI headquarters in handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and chains. There, Patrick Jane spends several minutes just looking at her in silence, before they start talking. Jane does his typical cold-reading and tells Rebecca about her past, her feelings and how Red John made her "strong, made [her] feel proud of that darkness... gave [her] life meaning and made [her] feel love." She replies "You are very much like him, you know. The way you look at people and see right through them -- that's just spooky."

Jane tries to explain that RJ is using her, and she says "You are so wrong... He's a very good man. He's on a mission. For love... and enlightment. Don't you see? Without death there is no life. And without darkness, there is no light... until your daughter and wife were killed you were living an illusion... Red John opened your eyes, and now you see the world for what it truly is." 041b061a72


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