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Fallout New Vegas Weapons Locations PORTABLE

This guide contains the locations of all unique weapons in Fallout New Vegas. This guide does not include the locations of unique weapons added by DLC. This guide may include some minor quest spoilers.

Fallout New Vegas Weapons Locations


While not altering the base gameplay all that much, this mod adds a whole lot more of Fallout: New Vegas for players to enjoy. A World of Pain introduces more than 150 new locations, along with plenty of unique quests, weapons, and items. The content is also on the difficult side, providing a more grueling experience than the vanilla game.

Description:===============This is new version with some new weapons in some locations.In this version you can find new models on some weapons.This are just weapons that I have created for fun.They have new projectiles, sounds, they use different ammo and what is most importantthey do not change your game in any whey, they do not replace any vanila game weaponsit is just more content to the game.

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I'm visiting battlefield vegas this morning and it was awesome !! Pick up at my hotel (luxor), a good ride in the humvee. We arrived and then i choose the weapons that i would to try : M4, Glock 17 and the Mp5. I met my shooting instructor : doug, a very nice guy with a great knowledge.

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Area 8 hosted the "Baneberry" shot of Operation Emery on December 18, 1970. The Baneberry 10 kt (42 TJ) test detonated 900 feet (270 m) below the surface but its energy cracked the soil in unexpected ways, causing a fissure near ground zero and the failure of the shaft stemming and cap.[42] A plume of fire and dust was released, raining fallout on workers in different locations within the site. The radioactive plume released 6.7 megacuries (250 PBq) of radioactive material, including 80 kCi (3.0 PBq) of Iodine131.[43]


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