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Thank you Chris!! Many of these poorer countries have never been able to be self sufficient, prime examples are Haiti and Africa!! I am 52 and I can remember trick or treating with the UNICEF cans and I went to Live Aid because there was a time I cared about other people in other countries, now I don't. We have pumped billions in aid to both of these countries and both of them have high rates of slavery, and most of the women and little girls are sold to the sex traffickers and oft times their ignorant parents sell them to feed the family and they think their SIX YEAR OLD DAUGHTER is gonna go to work in a factory or these scumbags tell the parents the kids are going to the US and will get a good education and all they get is sexually and physically abused as human trafficking is more lucrative than selling drugs. You can get your price for a pound of cocaine but only once where these poor kids are sold over and over again and nine chances out of ten the parents never see them again. Or like in Cambodia and India, the families WILLINGLY sell their kids to brothels for like $300!! I watched a Dateline piece about this and it made me sick to my stomach, a nine yr old girl was sold to a brothel by her own sister!! I don't have much use for people in the Middle East as it is and to think these scumbags sell their kids for sex makes me really not want any of them here. And when the daughters rebel, daddy does the honor killing? They slaughter their daughters because they won't marry the pig Daddy promised them to and he thinks this is fine and dandy and oft times other barbarians hide them out because they are freaking heroes to them! ANY country that allows slavery of any kind to go on, I have no use for, anyone who sells their kids for sex, they should be dead. Now the women here were duped, but they were desperate and these traffickers and shop owners KNOW they are and move in for the kill. Makes me want to hurl to read about this. Haiti and Africa apparently will never be self sufficient and I think it is time to shut off the cash cow and by doing so, these countries will have to take care of their own and if they can't, that is their problem, we have hungry and homeless veterans in this country that should be living well. keep our money in our own country. Now I did not object to sending aid to Japan as those people tried to do everything they could to prevent loss of life as they know they are quake prone and they are hard working people who did not want to ask our help and I feel for all of them, but they will bounce back. Haiti KNOWS full well they are as well and yet, people were living in shacks and packing boxes and had no 911 plan in motion at all, why help people who won't help themselves?

skachat igry one piece na pk

Your house has many products made by slave labor. There are many, many millions of slaves in the world today. Many people don't realize this. Most all su gar is made by slaves or virtual slaves. Many pieces of clothing, I'm sure many in your own closet, are made by slaves. Slavery is also happening right now in the USA. We are doing things to try to stop it. Our country imports a lot of slave made goods. If we could have some type of certification that certain products are not made with slave labor consumers could help support free, paid workers. how can world wide slavery be stopped if people like you don't want to hear about it? You and I, as consumers who unknowingly are buying slave made products regularly should be educated about this so we can help end it. If we don't maybe slavery will continue to spread so that our children or grandchildren face the danger of becoming slaves. Slavery is spreading super fast right now.

It's easy to say things like that when you assume everyone in america can find a job these days.The only way to get a job if you're a citizen is to have a degree (notice I didn't say 'education', as how intelligent you are, your skill level at the job, etc. is nothing if you lack that piece of paper) or to simply be lucky, in which case you still won't be making enough for a good life.

How fake are our own documents? We pay a fortune for the "piece of paper" that says we have a "degree," in secretarial skills? There are plenty of degree-mill scams, just as there are plenty of scams that the immigrants deal with. The worst scam is that higher education in America costs a fortune: try showing up at a state college and saying that you are a citizen and resident of that state and want a free education. They will laugh at you, or call in security. But it amounts to the same thing: we are all "illegal aliens" within our own country, as long as this isn't OUR country. 041b061a72


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