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Logitech Drive Fx Racing Wheel For Xbox 360 Manually Eject ((NEW))

"Some control devices on PS4 (such as racing wheels), will simply not operate on PS4 without the inclusion of a security chip and to our knowledge a workaround via a software update or driver will not prove sufficient."

Logitech Drive Fx Racing Wheel For Xbox 360 Manually Eject

Here's how it normally works, based on what we've been told: a steering wheel manufacturer develops a driver that is sent to the developer of the racing game in question. The developer then adds support for it in the game.

Force Feedback is the main sensory connection between a sim driver and the game, without it, you will feel separated from the notion of driving. Modern sim racing steering wheels have come a long way over the last 15 years, from direct drive to gear driven and everything in between. Manufacturers of wheels have always been chasing the idea of ultimate realism. In short, we will never reach real-life experience through Force Feedback alone, however, it is crucial to the overall driving experience.

MiGE is a popular servo manufacturer in the sim racing community, and their products tend to form the basis of most OSW wheel kits. This particular item comes with an optional Fanatec hub adapter meaning that with a USB conversion board like this you could make a start on building your own direct-drive sim wheel quite cheaply.

Fanatec has rocked the sim racing industry with its new CSL DD wheelbase. As a sub $500 / 500EUR device, it plays directly in the usual stomping grounds of Logitech and Thrustmaster. As the CSL DD was launched, so was the Clubsport and CSL Elite range of belt drive wheelbases made obsolete. Fanatec has staked its future on direct drive-only equipment:

Technically speaking, for the money I think the Alpha Mini is one of the best budget direct-drive wheels you can buy for sim racing. And, there are plenty of bundles available now for you to choose a wheel you like and still get a slight discount.

The AccuForce Pro V2 from SimXperience is a comprehensive direct-drive sim racing steering system that combines a powerful wheelbase with a highly functional hub and button box to give you complete control of your car.


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