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Neypayasam Short Story In Malayalam Pdf 160

Neypayasam is a short story written by Kamala Suraiyya Das, also known by her pen name Madhavikutty, who was a famous Indian poet and writer in English and Malayalam. The story was first published in 1977 in the Malayalam magazine Mathrubhumi Weekly. The story is about a family's grief and loss after the sudden death of the mother, and how the father and the children cope with it. The title of the story means "ghee payasam", which is a sweet dish made of rice, milk, sugar and ghee (clarified butter). The payasam is a symbol of the mother's love and care for her children, and also of the sweetness of life that is lost with her death.

The story begins with the father returning home from the cremation ground with his two children, Unni and Rajan. He finds a crystal bowl of payasam that his wife had prepared for them before she died. He decides to feed his children the payasam, as he thinks that it is the last thing that his wife had made for them. He also feels guilty for not being able to save her from the heart attack that killed her. He tries to hide his tears from his children, who are too young to understand the gravity of the situation. Unni and Rajan eat the payasam without knowing that their mother is no more. They praise their mother's cooking and ask their father if he wants some. The father declines, saying that he is not hungry. He then goes to the bathroom to wash his face and cry in private.


The story ends with a poignant image of the father holding the book that his wife had given him as a gift, and sitting silently on the bed. The book is titled "The History of Ancient India", and it is a reminder of his wife's interest in history and culture. The father feels that he has lost not only his wife, but also his companion and friend. He wonders how he will live without her, and how he will raise his children alone.

Neypayasam is a touching story that explores the themes of death, grief, love, memory and family. It shows how a simple dish can evoke powerful emotions and memories in a person. It also shows how a sudden tragedy can change a person's life forever. The story is written in a simple and realistic style, with minimal dialogue and description. The story has been translated into English by V.C. Harris and C.K. Mohamed Ummer. The story has also been adapted into a short film by Oottukkath Ippinetta, which won several awards at various film festivals.


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